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About Us

Hello! We're Erik and Harron, co-founders of Tighty Whitey Soap & Candle Co.  We've always tried to live life as healthful to our bodies and the earth as possible and would try to buy products and support services that reflect those beliefs. But no matter how much high-end, fancy soaps and skincare products cost, the list of ingredients were always chock full of chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes. We thought, this can't be good for our skin, let alone the earth. And if we were feeling this way, others must be too. Finally, we decided that we'd had enough.

In August of 2015, our company was born. It was our goal to make simple,  healthy products using as natural and eco-friendly materials as possible to give people an affordable, beautiful, and safe option for skincare and candles. While natural skincare isn't a new thing, it was hard to find something that both women and men could appreciate - the products on the market seemed entirely geared toward the gals, a slew of soaps with over-the-top decorations stuffed in pink organza bags. It was important to us to find a balance and simplicity that would appeal to everyone. With our philosophy spelled out, we needed a name that reflected it. So we asked ourselves, who are we? We are a couple of guys trying to get back to basics with simple, no-fuss skincare and candles. We take our craft very seriously but not ourselves. Our products are stripped down to the bare essentials, as close to au naturel as we can get. Suddenly, the perfect name was obvious...

We are Tighty Whitey Soap & Candle Co., a service-connected disabled veteran owned and operated small business.